February 20, 2006

If you have driven down Interbay Boulevard, you have seen that park renovations are finally in full swing. Phase II of the renovation to Ballast Point Park finally began toward the end of last year and is on track for a late April 2006 completion. This phase includes new walkways, new playground equipment and surfacing, renovations to the entrance to the pier, expansion of the concession patio area, replacement of two shelters, drainage and landscaping improvements and a realignment of the entry drive.

It is difficult to tell what is being done at the present time, only that work is going on. Currently, sidewalks are being added to connect the playground with the concession building, restrooms, parking and new central walkway. This work is about 80% complete. The new large playground unit with a “space” theme will be added with a rubber surface under part and engineered mulch under the rest. This will be installed toward then end of the current work. Two shelters will be removed and two new shelters installed near the playground.

The existing concession patio is being replaced and expanded to the north side. This work is about 80% complete at this time. Car and boat parking at the east end of the concession will be realigned in order to create a central axis walkway through the park. No spaces will be lost. This work is about 40% complete.

Drainage issues are also being addressed. The swale that holds water along the parking area will be piped and filled in. The ditch between the parking area and wellness center will be expanded and improved to create a more natural amenity. This is about 50% complete. The piping work will start soon.

The entry to the park and wellness center will be narrowed down to one opening with a more defined entry off of Interbay Boulevard. The circular median in front of the wellness center will be eliminated and four new parking spaces will be created. This will enable us to at last install our lighted American flag which has been in storage for several years!

Work on the pier will include a new entry ramp which will meet ADA requirements. This work should begin in early February. The condition of the entire pier will also be evaluated.

The gazebo will be renovated and park signage replaced, as will site furniture. Landscape and irrigation improvements will also be completed. You can already see some very nice oak trees which have been added to the landscape. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the contractor to reach his estimated completion date in late April and maybe we can have our Spring Fling in the park as usual!