Jerry Miller
January 30, 2006

For those of us who have lived in Ballast Point for a while, it is almost trite to talk about what a great place this is to live. We know. But we have been discovered! The Ballast Point neighborhood finds itself an irresistible target in Florida’s development boom. This year could be critical for the neighborhood, as our population grows, traffic grows, and development continues to push the envelope of what can be done in our community. The Ballast Point Neighborhood Association (BPNA) has been able to assert itself successfully on occasion (witness the passage of our Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan) and sometimes has been less successful in turning development in a positive direction (witness a series of developments approved without adequate off-street parking).

So what should the priorities and goals be for BPNA for the upcoming year? Who determines them?

With your input, you do.

If you have concerns, we need to hear them, so that we can put them onto this year’s agenda. Please allow me to list some ideas that you might want to consider, and allow you the opportunity to expand and influence the list.

• Implementation the Comprehensive Plan
• Increased membership in BPNA (to improve our “clout”)
• Increased neighborhood awareness of what is happening in Ballast Point
• Increased neighborhood awareness of our Association
• Better meetings, better notice of meetings, more effective meeting agenda
• Better communication between our leaders and our membership
• Better web site (and therefore better communication)
• Better ability to influence the City when pertinent issues arise
• Better code enforcement.

We urge you to give us your comments as we set priorities and goals for 2006. The constituents of Ballast Point have an incredible opportunity to influence what is happening here. I have listed my email address below and urge you to feel free to contact me (and other Board Members) and have a meaningful say in what we do.

Let’s enjoy our neighborhood in 2006. And let’s protect it.

Jerry Miller, President